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Sliding Door Wardrobes

MyInteriors have looked for the best possible solutions to benefit you. With custom made interior just for you.

It’s a space-saving option to buy sliding wardrobes in your bedroom or anywhere else in the house. We picked the best components in the market to make our wardrobes function like no other and look like it’s the interior you deserve for the money spent.

We have chosen unique minimal and seamless designed sliding doors to give you a modern, rich Italian interior design. That brings life and richness to your room, the doors can flush all around your walls and floor to the ceiling too.

SLIDER sliding doors are our closest partner that helps us create these incredible designs and bring them to your home. You will benefit from light features, the vast number of colors in the aluminum we use and a vast amount of material to make these doors stand out.

MyInteriors uses highest quality paneling to make our wardrobes, from anti-scratch glossy panels to anti-scratch soft matt paneling that you could only get in a kitchen to date. We use 18mm panels that make you door very secure compared to anyone else in the market.

There are many benefits of getting our wardrobes, which is quality, premium material & components used, newest technologies in Ireland that will change the way you think about sliding wardrobes.